Hello my name is Alberto Villacorta. I am a life long resident of Redwood City. I was born and raised here, and have watched the city transform drastically in the past 10 years. I attended Selby Lane Elementery, Kennedy Middle School, and Woodside High School. I currently work in tech, some of you will hold that against me, others wont care. But first and foremost I'm a neighbor that wants to contribute to this amazing city.

Some of the changes have been amazing for the city, and some have made life for a lot of our neighbors worse. Everyone will have a different opinion on what has affected them in a positive or negative way so that wont be a part of my mission here.

As I've learned more about the current state of our cities politics, I've grown concerned about statements that are incorrectly passed of as fact, and percieved conflicts of interest with some of the current members and candidates of the city council.

I hope you find this site informative and useful in painting a better picture of what and who you'll be voting for in the coming election. If you happen to find any inaccuracy please feel free to email me at avillacorta27@gmail.com

Our Mission

To empower the public and residents of Redwood City with the knowledge to make an informed deciscion about the Candidates and issues that face our City.

  • The only truely non-partisan site. I dont accept nor do I give donations to candidates, PAC's, constituants or causes.

  • To provide only the facts. You will not see opinion pieces here.

  • Open to making edits and changes based on facts and proof.