Candidate Statement - Eaglehill Area

Redwood City has achieved its 20-year development goals in just 5 years. Yet, City Hall has undervalued itself in its negotiations with developers, and residents are left with few community benefits, resulting in displacement, overcrowding, and a lower quality of life. We can do better than this. Together we have the skills, resources, and courage needed to create a city where all residents can thrive.

I have been knocking on doors and listening to the people of Redwood City. Our campaign’s message of housing, environmental, and economic justice is giving residents hope for real change. Those who have been living here, like me, their entire lives, our new families, and our blue collar and tech workers are all demanding better from City Hall.

I am brave and energized to meet the challenges we face. Join us. We are an all-volunteer, grassroots campaign and take no corporate or developer donations. Vote for Diana Reddy for City Council – the Community’s Voice.

Statements taken from Candidate site and Redwood City Candidate page

Diana Reddy


Endorsements by current officials, for a complete list please visit here

  • Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D–CA 14th District)
  • Mayor Rick Bonilla, San Mateo
  • Mayor Ruben Abrica, East Palo Alto
  • Mayor John Keener, Pacifica
  • Sue Digre, City Council, Pacifica
  • Ann Schneider, City Council, Millbrae
  • Kirsten Keith, City Council, Menlo Park
  • Herb Perez, City Council, Foster City
  • Richard Holober, Pres Bd, SMC Community College Dist
  • Christopher Bohl, Bd Mbr, Redwood City School District

Contributions: Total raised through 9/22/2018 - $29,729

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