Candidate Statement - Roosevelt Area

I’m running to be your community member on the Redwood City Council because I believe that our neighborhoods need a representative who will protect our neighborhood character. I’m running because I want Redwood City to be affordable for families, filled with thriving neighborhoods and small businesses that retain our quality of life for years to come. I’m running to make sure that our infrastructure meets the transportation needs of our growing community and our first responders have the support they need to keep us all safe.

In 1927 my grandfather, Antonio Schmidt, came to America as a diplomat from Mexico. Like so many before him, he fell in love with this great country and made it his home. When my Grandfather died unexpectedly, my 13-year-old father had to go to work to help support the family. After serving his country as a Marine in Korea, my Father. would hold down two jobs until he retired at age 72.

A solid work ethic and dedication to community is the foundation on which I have honored my family. I have served on the Planning Commission since 2009, both as Chairman and Vice Chairman, and have served as the Chairman of the Eagle Hill Neighborhood Association since 2008.

I believe in the value of public service and for the past nine years I am proud to have given back to our community by continuously volunteering for causes that make Redwood City a better place for all of us to live.

Statements taken from Candidate site and Redwood City Candidate page

Ernie Schmidt


Endorsements by current officials, for a complete list please visit here

  • Jerry Hill, State Senator
  • Alicia Aguirre - City Council Member
  • Janet Borgens - City Council Member
  • Warren Slocum, San Mateo County Supervisor
  • David Canepa, San Mateo County Supervisor
  • Juan Raigosa, San Mateo County Controller
  • Sandie Arnott, San Mateo County Treasurer & Tax Collector
  • Robert Foucrault, San Mateo County County Coroner
  • Charles Stone, Belmont Council Member
  • Robert Bernardo, Vice President San Mateo County Harbor Dist.
  • Karen Schwarz, San Mateo County Community College District Trustee
  • Tom Mohr, County San Mateo Community College District Trustee
  • Alan Sarver, Sequoia Union High School District Board of Trustees
  • Chris Thomsen, Sequoia Union High School District Board of Trustees

Contributions: Total raised through 9/22/2018 - $28,259

For a full list of contributors through this quarterhere if you cannot see the pdf on this page