Measure RR: One-half of One Percent Sales Tax

Impartial Analysis

Redwood City is currently facing a growing annual budget deficit, which is projected to reach more than $12 million annually in five years and continue to increase each subsequent year. A deficit of this magnitude will require significant cuts to public safety services, which comprise 60% of our annual budget. This could include reductions to police, fire and paramedics, which could lead to slower 911 emergency response times.

The proposed ballot measure to increase our local sales tax rate would provide locally controlled funding that could not be taken away by the State and could support essential City services.

Measure DD: Cannabis Business Tax

Impartial Analysis

In light of the types of cannabis businesses currently allowed in Redwood City and that may be allowed in the future, Council approved a ballot measure to impose a local business tax on cannabis businesses. The cannabis business tax would be an excise tax imposed on commercial cannabis operations based on a percentage of gross receipts. The proposed tax is not a sales tax and would not be imposed directly on cannabis users or consumers.

Measure OO: Charter Amendments

Impartial Analysis

In January 2017, the City embarked on the path of considering amendments to the Redwood City Charter. The Charter Review Sub-Committee and City Council then held several meetings to consider multiple amendments to the Charter.

Charter amendments addressing the following subject matters:

  • 1. Public Noticing Proceduress
  • 2. Term Limits for Boards and Commissions
  • 3. Appointment of City Clerk by City Manager
  • 4. Local Residency Requirement for City Manager
  • 5. Consolidation of Financial Offices Enumerated in Charter
  • 6. Budget Adoption Procedures
  • 7. Payments Made by the Public Library
  • 8. City Contracting Procedures for Public Works and Improvements
  • 9. Gendered Language and Standardized Usage

State Ballot Measures